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Meet Kelis


My name is Kelis and I'm 11 years old. I have a kitty named Boots who is like my little sidekick. We do almost everything together because I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH!!!

I like to make all different types of creations for my business. My favorite creation is slime. My favorite type of slime is crunchy slime, but I also really like cloud slime and butter slime. I love to try out new slime recipes and mix different colours and charms.

I love to learn how to do new crafts. I have TONS of DIY's that I like to make and share with you guys on my Youtube channel. You can learn how to do a lot of my creations on my tutorial videos. I also love to do videos of funny challenges and show you guys videos of gross and funny stuff that I get into with my family.

I love to dance and exercise, which you may see in some of my videos. I also love to learn about makeup, fashion and nail design.

Meet Boots

My name is Boots and I'm 2 years old. I love Kelis, she's my favourite human. I think she's my human Mom LOL.

I like cuddle, to take cat naps, and explore. I'm very hyper, especially at night. I LOVE treats almost as much as my human Mom loves candy!

I love to watch my human Mom make all kinds of cool creations for her business and for her Youtube videos. In fact, I really like it when I get to star in her videos. My favourite is when she makes DIY kitty toys for me. They're soooo FUN!



Check out my Youtube channel for tutorials on how to make some of my favorite creations! Make sure you LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you can be the first to see cool new videos!

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